About Kirsty

Hi!  Thanks for coming and looking at my blog.  My name is Kirsty and I’m a 46 year old trans woman from just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.  At the time of writing this (May 2017) I am around 6 weeks away from beginning to live permanently as a woman.  The blog documents my journey over the last 3 years from accepting myself first as a cross-dresser and then my realisation that I am in fact transsexual.  More recently it has dealt with coming out to family, friends and work colleagues, and planning for my transition in work.  Unfortunately my transition is not just male to female, but married man to divorced woman, so I have all that to deal with too.  Not to mention the two best daughters anyone could ever ask for.  I plan to continue to record my transition here in the hope that it might be of hope to others who find themselves in similar positions to me, and also for purely personal reasons so I can have my online diary – I want to record all that I am going through, and if there was nobody there to read it I probably couldn’t be bothered to write it.

I hope you find my blog interesting / enlightening / entertaining / worth reading for whatever reason.



These are older introductions, preserved to illustrate how my own self-image has come on.

About Kirsty:  July 2014

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and a big welcome to my blog. I’m Kirsty and I’m a transsexual woman from Northern Ireland, still forced by circumstances and a late realisation into a part-time female existence. Just how part-time, well read the blog to find out. I hope one day to be able to transition to a full and permanent female life, but until that day comes I make the most of every opportunity to be my true self. And I document all that on here, along with my struggles with the conflict between my new identification as TS and the reality of life as a husband and father.


About Kirsty:  February 2014

Hi!  Thanks for looking at my blog.  I’m Kirsty and I’m a crossdresser / tgirl / trans* / m2f transgender / insert own politically correct term here from just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.  I have been closeted for a long time but finally came out properly to my wife in January 2014 to a very sympathetic reception.  I always think that the best way to understand something is to try to explain it to somebody else, so this blog is my way to try and understand how I got the the point I am at now, and about where I go from here.  It’s even partly about me trying to figure out just what label I should apply to myself, if such labels aren’t completely redundant.


9 thoughts on “About Kirsty”

  1. Hey Kirsty, I have nominated you for the Lighthouse Award. If you accept, you can check out the rules on the award post on my blog…


    If you are not into the award thing… no worries…

  2. Rachael K said:

    Hiya Kirsty
    I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    As Val says, if you’re not into the award thing, no worries.
    But to me you are a very Inspiring Blogger.
    usual stuff, check out etc, etc @ http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/66485770/727/

    And I just reread your About section again. The new first line just yells confidence.
    Go for it and keep going. 🙂


  3. Hi Kirsty,
    I’d love to let you know that I referred your lovely blog to a chain-style blogging award! More info here: http://brighternour.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/getting-to-know-each-other/


  4. Hey Kirsty!
    I just wanted to let you know that I also referred you and your blog to a chain-style blogging award! More info here: http://transcendingchaya.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/getting-to-know-each-other/

    And yes, I love your blog! You give me courage!

  5. Hi Kirsty:

    I have to say you are the first person with whom I have corresponded (or, I believe this will show up as a “reply”) regarding Crossdressing and/or Transgender issues.

    I’m afraid to say too much in this initial dialogue as I’m afraid my email address may be visible to others and by which it (my email address) would be easy for friends and family to discern/identify the author.

    I came cross your Blog via one of my endless internet searches on CD Support and Struggles with Crossdressing being a sin.

    I felt the need to reach out to you as I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. From an early age I longed to wear dresses and skirts but didn’t dare reveal this to anyone. Again, like you, I endured a Strict Catholic upbringing and dreaded to think what would happen if my secret were ever exposed.
    And, like so many others before me, I also thought I was the only person who had these feelings.

    My family left Belfast in the early 70’s and we settled into a small town in the Midwestern United States. I’m still a closeted Crossdresser but my new wife does know of my “fondness” for skirts. I don’t know if I can reveal my desire to fully dress to her so for now I just try to exist between my two worlds.
    In reading your Blog I was so excited to finally see someone from Belfast who went through the same childhood challenges in the same setting so-to-speak. If only the Internet existed in our adolescent years. **Heavy Sigh** (LoL).

    In either case I would love to share an email or two with you but for now I just wanted to say hello and congratulate you for your courage in sharing via your Blog. I only found your Blog this Friday past, so I’m still reading your history and progression. I also want to say “Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and struggle.”

    All The Best,

    (sorry, I’m too afraid to post my name)

    • Hi Erin and thank you for your kind words. It really is good to know that my scribblings have been helpful for someone.

      There’s no easy answer as to what to do for the best in circumstances such as ours. You seem to be in a similar position to where I was just over two years ago, and while it has been a wonderful thing for me to give full expression to my femininity, it has certainly caused serious difficulties at home. At least your wife knows something of how you feel.

      If I can give you a little practical advice, set up a separate “Erin” email address. It’s very easily done – I use mail.com and it ensures that any trans* related postings on the web don’t get my male name attached to them. If you do that and attach it to a WordPress user id, id be happy to drop you a line or two.

      The very best of luck to you, I know what a horrible dilemma it is to be torn in two this way

      Kirsty xo

  6. Wow, thanks very much for such an immediate reply. I was wondering if I would hear back and I certainly appreciate your response and your advice.

    I forgot that I did or do have an email address for TG Issues. I’m setting up my WordPress user name and ID now and if it you can retrieve my email via WordPress, hopefully we’ll be able to share an email or two.

    Thanks again for replying to my letter.


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