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For quite some time I have been hinting on this blog about something quite significant that I was planning on doing at some unspecified point in the future. Well finally all can be revealed because it actually happened in the last week…

Back in April, in a blog post entitled “Pass Or Fail” I mentioned that I had booked to go to a transgender weekend organised by TransLiving International (TLI) in Eastbourne, on the south coast of England. That event took place from Friday 17th to Monday 20th October. However, going to a TG weekend was not the biggest thing about it. No, there was a lot more to it than that. Everything, and I mean everything, for five entire days,over 120 hours, was done as Kirsty, with not a trace of Bob. And it was probably the most fulfilling, liberating experience of my life.

When I first met my best friend Andrea back in March she mentioned that she had booked for this very weekend. By the time I came to join TLI a few weeks later we had already become fast friends, so when I saw that there were only a few single rooms left I thought I’d just take the plunge and send off my deposit and get a room booked for fear of regretting it later. Now at this point in time I think Kirsty had only been out in public on three occasions, so it was a bit of a leap of faith, but I did it anyway. My original plan, like Andrea’s was to fly to London and get the train down to Eastbourne all as Bob, and transform into Kirsty at the hotel.

A few weeks after that I was exchanging a few emails with Ruth Martina, with whom I had become good online friends first through commenting on each others WordPress blogs, then on the Angels forum and eventually emailing each other directly. I told her I had done this incredibly impetuous thing and booked for a transgender weekend. Her reaction? After a very short delay, she booked for it too! I was so pleased that we would be meeting up.

Andrea and I had been discussing travel plans, and realised that if were going to fly across to England there was a strong chance we would be on the same flight. As Bobs. Neither of us wanted that. We only see each other as women, never with the male facade in place. So Andrea came up with a daring plan: We would drive! It’s a long way but we quickly decided it would be a fantastic adventure.

So the plan was made, I would take my car (she offered to take hers, but I’m a rubbish passenger), drive to Dublin, get a ferry to Holyhead in North Wales, and we would drive all 360 miles to Eastbourne as our real selves. Then just to extend the holiday further we booked ourselves a B&B in Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia (North Wales) for the night after the TLI weekend finished. And not a specifically trans-friendly B&B, just a friendly B&B. Finally, on the last day we would do some touristy things in North Wales before catching the ferry to Dublin and driving back to Northern Ireland. Phew. And all of this, I say again, as the women that we are with no male paraphernalia. Later on the plan extended further to include a night in a little hotel in Dublin the night before our ferry crossing to make it five full nights away. And we did it. We really did it.

I think writing about my experiences and how they have affected me is going to take me several blog posts, so think of this as a preamble. The whole thing has affected me in profound ways, and I’m not sure if my outlook and self-image can ever be the same again. It was also a huge amount of fun. And finally meeting Ruth after knowing her virtually for the last six months was such a joy, she just fitted in with Andrea and me so well, like my honorary big sister. We are the WordPress Three.

More to come soon. Lots more!

Kirsty x